Accompanying Nutrition for Diabetes

Stellen Sie sich Ihre Menüs zusammen

1 Euro of each sale goes to a selected research project.

After the selection of Sister Teresa Zukic from the "Small Community of the Sisters of Jesus"​ 

Here's how it works

Combine Ingredients

Create the perfect menu for indulgence and recovery.

Receive Delivery

You will receive your delivery by mail fresh for consumption.

Heat Menu

Allow desired ingredients to steep in hot water for 15 minutes and serve.

Deliveries are made within Germany and Austria, USA is coming soon.

Nachhaltig genießen - eine gute Wahl!

Mindful eating because of diabetes?

Why not just eat the best? Compiled by experts, the highest quality from the region.

 Tasty prepared for your menus. Warm up and enjoy at home.

Live well sustainably!

Popular Combinations

These combinations are particularly tasteful.

vitamin-rich wholemeal pasta

fine ratatouille

and a tasty tomato soup